Why are VF brand Chiavari Chairs more expensive than others?

(a.k.a. How is Vision Furniture the best Value?)

On the surface, our chairs and cushions may seem more expensive than cheap, off-brand chairs and cushions.

Look deeper. A first glance can be very deceiving.

Our chairs and cushions are not disposable

Clients tell us regularly that they are tired of wasting money on cushions that get flat quickly and have seams that rip after only a few uses. This is what we call a disposable cushion because they’ll just wind up in the landfill soon!

Many companies lower their price by using throwaway materials like cheap screws and wood with defects. These chairs only last for a short period of time and should be seen as a ‘consumable expense’ rather than an ‘inventory investment.’

Amount of space taken by 200 Chiavari Cushions – imagine this in a landfill!

It doesn’t have to be that way

Vision Furniture products are manufactured to be the reliable alternative to cheap quality offering your business good value Chiavari Chair products that are durable and easy to maintain so they will last for years. Where else can you get a high quality wood chair frame that has been laboratory tested for strength and durability, Quality Controlled to 12 steps here in the USA and still able to be delivered for less than $50.00?

Many suppliers online offer a cheap price. Is there much value when the price is too cheap? Sure, you can save a little money in the short-term, but real value is when you can see a long-term and consistent return on investment.

We make sure our hardware is top notch so our chair feet do not scratch your floor, our metal bolts don’t strip when you tighten the chair bolts after you the chairs are purchase, our cushion ties don’t rip off, and our foam will not flatten like a pancake when you sit down on the cushion. We inspect every joint to ensure it will be strong and will not fall apart like cheap off-brand manufacturers who never test their joints or look at the chair before the product is ships.

We inventory every product that we sell so you know that you will be getting a Vision Furniture chair and, not a generic alternative shipped from SOMEONE ELSES warehouse.

Our A+ reputation speaks for itself

We maintain an A+ BBB Rating. Check us out at: //www.bbb.org/washington-dc-eastern-pa/business-reviews/furniture-manufacturers/vision-furniture-inc-in-philadelphia-pa-163059112/

Not everyone can get an A+ BBB rating. A company has to be in business for a certain length of time and operate in a trustworthy and honorable manner. Compare our company to the competition and you will see the difference as there are some F rated Chiavari Chair suppliers out there trying to take your business and perhaps your money too without delivering the low-priced products they promised!

Another way to bring your overhead costs down is to skip out on maintaining the proper insurance! To make sure that we deliver on our promises, we maintain a Manufacturers insurance policy fully covering our products.

Learn why our Chiavari Chair is a workhorse product.

Learn why we Laboratory Test our Chairs to BIFMA Standards.

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