Why Don’t We Sell Folding Tables and Wood Folding Chairs

Q: Why doesn’t Vision Furniture Sell: Folding Tables, Wood Folding Chairs, and other many other products like our competitors?

A: Vision Furniture’s Philosophy is to offer our clients good value products that are reliable. We are a very niche company and every product that we sell, we have researched, developed or manufactured ourselves to be good quality, good value and reliable. We stock every product that we sell and we strive to have a large inventory to accommodate all orders as best we can. We keep our product offerings lean because we want to be experts in the items that we are selling so our customers can rely and trust our standards and we will have our products in our own warehouses so that we can personally check the quality before shipping to our customers. We do not drop ship from any other company’s unbranded warehouses and we only sell our own brand products in order to make sure that our customers get the products that they want and also products that they will be happy with.

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