Wooden Chiavari Chairs in Tropical Climates


When it comes to wooden Chiavari Chairs in tropical climates we get a lot of questions about wood type, weather conditions and termites. However, Vision Furniture International makes a point to use wood that is treated and manufactured in such a way that it is safe, strong and termite resistant no matter the climate. Wooden chairs — when treated properly — are more reliable and easier to maintain than metal or resin chairs and perform well under tropical climate conditions.


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Our wood chair frame is produced from Acacia wood which is a strong hardwood. Acacia seems to have some natural termite resistant properties and is similar to black locust which is an ideal wood for outdoor furniture and fence posts because of its resistance to rot and insects.



Our hardwood Chiavari frames are heated, steamed, and kiln dried with high heat during production. This sanitizes and kills any insects that may exist in the raw wood. The reason for our heat treating is to bend and shape certain wooden parts for the chair, as well as stabilizing the moisture content so that the chair frame and joints are produced reliably. Our plywood seats are also produced with resin glue and high heat that sterilizes the product. After production, our chair frames are primed and painted which seals the wood.



Our chair frames are shipped to many warm climates like South America, the Caribbean, Zimbabwe, and Sri Lanka and are regularly used indoors and outdoors for our clients businesses. During the summer months even our Philadelphia warehouse, that stores our wooden Chiavari Chairs, can reach humidity levels of over 80% and these conditions do not cause problems for the heat treated chairs. Because our chairs frames are seasoned to the proper moisture content during production and because the chair frame is sealed with our special lacquers and paints, our chairs perform reliably in diverse environments and our chair joints remain strong.


Our chairs will offer reliable performance in many diverse environments as long as the chairs are stored and cared for as you would any business asset. This means that the chairs should be stored in a dry place that is clean and free from dirt and water.  They can be used indoors and outdoors. They should not be left outside in the rain. If they get a little wet during transport, this typically will not cause a problem. However, extended water contact is not recommend.


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