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After much time testing many different options and manufacturing processes, we have found a Clear Resin Chiavari Chiar we actually like. While much of our competition only wants a low price without concern to the reliability of the chair, we look at things very differently. At Vision Furniture, if the chair isn't reliable and doesn't do what it is supposed to do, we don't sell it even if it's cheap.

Our Clear Chiavari Chair is a beautiful option for a unique and trendy look within your decor. This modern chair will transform your event through its ability to capture and reflect the lighting and ambience of the room in a glass, crystal, or ice-like manner.

Vision Furniture's transparent Chiavari Chair gets its dramatic and high-end look from 100% virgin polycarbonate resin which is superbly clear. Our factory uses a specific process which controls and minimizes the gas bubbles making the chair frame clear and elegant while maintaining the reliability of the chair structure. Bascally, the more random the bubbles, the weaker the chair frame will be.

With cheaply manufactured Resin Chiavari chairs from other companies, you will often find inconsisten coloring with intensely random gas bubbles in the resin material. This can ruin the look of the chair as well as compromise the structural integrity of the chair.

Our special chair glides (feet) will keep your hardwood floors safe. Lower quality Resin Chiavari chairs without chair glides can scratch and damage wood floors because polycarbonate is a hard plastic and there needs to be a buffer between the floor surface and the chair.

Clear Chiavari Chair Tear Sheet pdf
Clear Chiavari Chair shown with Turquoise Bengaline Cushion Sack:
Elegant and Modern Chiavari Chair Clear Elegant and Modern
Well-Built and Stackable Chiavari Chair Clear Well-Built and Stackable
Contemporary Design Chiavari Chair Clear Contemporary Design

What Other Companies Aren’t Saying

The clear Chiavari Chair is a beautiful and contemporary chair that is intended for Special Event Use or applications where a special and unique chair is required. This is not a workhorse chair and therefore is not intended to be a restaurant chair nor primary seating for a very busy event facility where it would endure rigorous daily usage. Our chair is produced with 100% virgin Polycarbonate which makes the chair very strong and the design is very stable. Our chair passes the following BIFMA tests: Seating Durability, Dynamic Drop Test, Chair Back Strength, Leg Stability Test, and Leg Strength Test. Additionally, you can put 1,000 lbs of static weight on the chair without breaking. We have tested this chair to 16,900 chair back durability cycles where the chair back is pulled to reach 75lbs of pressure per cycle. During our search, we tested other inferior versions of this style chair and the chair back breaks at 3,754 pulls- This means our chair back is 450% stronger than a lot of the competition!

We educate our customers so they know what they are buying becuase most of our competitiononly focuses on sourcing the lowest priced overseas production rather than selling good value products that work and last. If it's cheap and doesn't work properly, Vision Furniture doesn't sell it.

If you are looking for a real workhorse Chiavari Chair for busy ballroom use, please check out Vision Furniture's wood Chiavari Chair which we have tested to be the most reliable Chiavari Chair on the market.

Chiavari Actual BIFMA Seat Back Test in Progress Actual BIFMA Seat Back
Test in Progress

All Of Our Clear Chairs:

  • Come backed with a 12 month guarantee on the chair structure.
  • Professionally made with a strong structure to last years longer.
  • 12-Point Quality Assurance Inspection prior to shipping.