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Chiavari Chair Protective Covers

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Chiavari Chair Protective Covers

In the rental business, Stackable Chair Covers will give your company a competitive advantage because your Chiavari Chairs will be protected and look better that the competition!

Stackable Chiavari Chair Covers protect your investment during storage and transport. Using chair covers will greatly increase the finish and lifespan of your Chiavari Chairs and reduce overall maintenance costs. When using chair covers, your chairs will last longer and look more beautiful for a longer!

Chiavari Chair Covers
A small investment today will save you money down the road because you will have fewer maintenance costs.
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Chiavari Chair Cover
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Reduce Long-Term Damage

Our Chiavari Chairs are built to last a long time, but regular use can still cause a few problems, costing you more money!
Damage to front of chair from stacking Chiavari Chair Damage to front A chiavari chair cover reduces the cost
of maintaining your chairs.
Damage to sides of chair from stacking Chiavari Chair Damage to sides Chair covers provide an additional layer of protection
against this kind of damage.
Cleaning the seats of 200 chairs at a time
costs a lot of extra labor
Chiavari Cleaning the seats of 200 chairs at a time Chair covers keep warehouse dust off your seats!
Damage to rear spindles from rubbing against
chairs and truck walls during transport
Chiavari Damage to rear spindles from rubbing against Chair covers protect your finish for years.

Why chair covers are important:

  • Chair Covers will keep your chairs dust free in the warehouse.
  • Chair Covers will greatly reduce wear and tear when transporting the chairs inside your truck and around the facilities.
  • Easy to put on and take off.
  • The Covers are durable and are made from a strong cotton / poly blend material that will last.

Why doesn't Vision Furniture's Chiavari Chair cover cost $1.99?

There is a world of difference between a $1.99 chair cover and Vision’s chair cover. Our Philosophy is to produce products that are long lasting, durable and efficient. We do not skimp on raw materials or labor just to achieve a low price point. Our covers are made with high quality materials to protect your chairs and to last the lifespan of the chairs you are protecting.

Sewing and Fabric Cutting Costs

Just the cost of quality sewing and fabric cutting to properly make a chair cover is much greater than $1.00 in China. This means your covers will be sewn properly so that the seams will be strong and will not tear during use. Take a look at a cheap chair cover and you will see that the seam and thread will rip very easily when you actually pull on them.

Fabric Costs

Strong, commercial grade fabric is not cheap- our raw materials cost more than our competitor’s entire cover!
The cheap covers do not actually use real fabric. Their fabric is a lightweight synthetic pressed material typically used for the underside of mattresses (which would never take the same 'beating' your chair covers would). You can easily push your finger though this material and tear it. This means these covers aren’t made for commercial use nor do they have the proper weight and cushioning to keep your chairs damage-free during rental transit and storage. Isn't that the reason why you buy protective Chiavari Chair Covers in the first place?

Long-Term Durability

Vision Furniture’s chair covers are built to last for the life of the chair which makes them easy to put on, tear resistant, and made with very good seams. Our investment in good thread, commercial grade cotton/poly fabric and excellent construction makes our Covers worthy of commercial wear and tear.

When you buy Chiavari Chairs with Chair Covers for your rental business, your Chiavari chairs will stay looking better over the years because Vision Furniture’s protective chair covers will properly cover and protect your Chiavari Chair investment during storage and transport. The cost of a good chair cover is made up only after the first rental because your chairs look more professional, have significantly less wear and tear after using the cover, and your chair investment will look and perform better for years to come.

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