Chiavari Chair Specials/Clearance by Vision Furniture

Chiavari Chair Clearance Sale

Chiavari Chair Sale

Vision Furniture is starting construction on a state-of-the-art paint refinishing room and we have hundreds of 1st and 2nd quality BIFMA Chiavari Chairs on sale to make room in our warehouse! The year is ending, and we are offering super low prices that you will NOT see again! Take advantage of these Clearance deals from now through the end of the year.

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See ALL of our Year-End Chiavari Clearance Sale options below:

Black Chiavari Chair - SALE
$39.95/ea - Approx. 580 available
minimum order: 72 chairs
Chiavari Chairs Gold Barstool
Coral Chiavari Chair - SALE
$34.95/ea - Approx. 22 available
Chiavari Chairs Silver Barstool
Kelly Green Chiavari Chair - SALE
$34.95/ea - Approx. 47 available
Chiavari Chairs Mahogany Barstool
Tiffany Blue Chiavari Chair - SALE
$34.95/ea - Approx. 17 available
Chiavari Chairs Fruitwood Barstool
Ivory Chiavari Chair - SALE
$39.95/ea - Approx. 467 available
minimum order: 72 chairs
Chiavari Chairs Natural Barstool

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*All Clearance Items: New/Unused, Subject to Minor Imperfections, No Warranty/As-Is, Non-Returnable, Final Sale