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Chiavari Chair Videos

Chiavari Chair Cart Dolly

The Chiavari Chair Cart is a sleek cart designed and manufactured in the USA specifically for Vision Furniture Chiavari Ballroom Chairs. It quickly scoops up stacks of chairs to transport them with ease. The steel frame and reinforced wheels are durable, and the front wheels allow the chair cart to glide across ballroom surfaces without causing damage or abrasions. This cart excels in both warehouse and ballroom settings.

Chiavari Chairs: High Value, Fair Cost

At Vision Furniture we offer the best Wholesale Chiavari Chair on the market. There are so many Chiavari Chairs that are made poorly with low-quality materials, resulting in an unsafe, unreliable chair. To protect your customers and your business, it is VITAL to have safe and reliable products in your inventory. At VF we are one of the only event furniture manufactures that test and upgrade our chairs to meet industry U.S. commercial standards like BIFMA.

How Good Is Your Warranty?

A warranty is only as good as the company that stands behind it. At Vision Furniture Chiavari Chairs we produce the most reliable chiavari chairs in the industry and clearly label each chair with company information like batch number and contact information.

Chair Repair Paint Workshop

New 2,100 square foot paint refinishing workshop! This environmentally-friendly paint facility filters approximately 99.84% of paint particulates and makes it possible for VF to refinish up to 500 Chiavari Chairs per day. Are your wooden chairs looking rough from years of use or do you just want to refresh your inventory? We are now able to quickly and easily repair your wooden Chiavari Chairs. No project is too small or too large!

Chiavari Chair BIFMA Back Strength Test

Wholesale Chiavari Chairs from Vision Furniture pass all BIFMA U.S.commercial furniture testing standards for safety and reliability. We have the ONLY Chiavari Chair on the market that passes all 6 U.S. tests. These two chairs may look very similar but the structural integrity and quality of each chair is where the difference in value lies.

CMAA 2017 Business Expo

Vision Furniture (Jim & Emily) went to Orlando, Florida for the 2017 CMAA Club Business Expo at the Orlando World Marriott Center. There we showcased the New OFYR Grill, our rustic Handmade Farm Tables made from reclaimed wood, decorative Italian Wine Barrels and of course, our VF BIFMA Certified Chiavari Chairs. The trip was a success! And we got to escape a Philly snow storm for some Florida fun in the sun. Check out our video to take a look at our booth.

Chiavari Cushion Videos

Custom Chiavari Chair Cushions

Custom Cushions are a great way to personalize the look and feel of your Chiavari Chairs! At Vision Furniture we create custom cushions for wedding venues, hotels, country clubs, interior designers, and home owners. No quantity is too small or too large.

The Chiavari Chair style has been around for hundreds of years - so, in order to stand out from the crowd and to customize the look of your cushions to fit the decor in your venue or home - custom fabric is a good route to get exactly what you want.

Vinyl Chiavari Cushions: What to Know

Why Choose Vinyl for your Chiavari Cushions? Vinyl is the perfect balance between aesthetics and function. Our high performance vinyl has a buttery look and feel that is a good substitute for leather. Our vinyl is also extremely easy to keep up because of the stain resistant and almost waterproof nature of the material. If soiled, the cushions just need to be wiped down with a soft, damp cloth.

Our Cushions vs. The Competition

Chiavari Cushion Pads | What You Need to Know: Our Competitors Claim to Have a Cheap but High-Quality Chiavari Cushion …we’re here to bust that myth. In this video we test: Foam Density, Zipper Quality, Seam Strength and Stain Resistance. VF Chiavari Chair Cushions use only: High-Density Foam Cores, Stain Resistant Fabric, Reinforced Seams and Quality Zippers.

Save Time Stuffing Chiavari Cushions!

One of the biggest complaints we get is that it’s difficult to insert and remove the foam core within Chiavari Cushions after laundering. So, every time the cushion cover needs to be changed it’s a struggle and wastes time. At Vision Furniture we want to provide Chiavari accessories to save you time and money. One of our biggest time savers is our Mesh Sleeve that can save you hours of time when stuffing and cleaning Chiavari cushion covers. The sleeve goes over the foam core so that the slick mesh material can lower friction and allow you to easily slip cushion covers on and off the foam.

Folding Chair Videos

VF Folding Chairs vs. Cheap Chairs

Folding Chairs:There’s a big difference between a Vision Furniture Folding Chair and our competitor’s folding chair. VF chairs pass all BIFMA commercial furniture testing. Our chairs are built for reliability, safety and value. We have achieved this through updated technology, careful design and deliberate product development. The proof is in the look and feel of our chair, as well as the chair’s performance in strenuous product testing.

Rustic Farm Table Videos

Reclaimed Farm House Tables

Rustic Farm House Tables by Vision Furniture are hand crafted in Pennsylvania from reclaimed wood. These handmade tables are finished with tung oil, which showcases the natural charm of the wood grain. The elegant turned legs add a touch of refined style to this simple design. These Farmhouse Tables are available in custom sizes in both standard and bar height.

OFYR Grill Videos

OFYR Oyster Roast | Rent or Buy

OFYR Grill wood fired cooking is fantastic for both commercial and residential applications. In this video we use the Grill Grate accessory for grilling oysters and use the grate to sautéoyster mushrooms and razor clams. OFYR elevates your outdoor cooking experience whether you are cooking in your backyard for your family or using the OFYR at a venue for a catering job. OFYR is also a great asset for a Golf or Country Club. OFYR creates a hub for warmth, food and socializing.

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