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Chiavari Cushion Covers, Slip Covers + More

Replacement Cushion Covers

Chiavari Replacement Cushions Cover
Cushion covers come standard in Ivory, White, Black, Brown
*Any color can be made by special request.
These cushion covers can replace worn out covers in your current inventory. They are tailored to fit over Chiavari Chair Cushion foam and come complete with good quality stitching, piping, zippers and either Velcro straps or ties.

Classic Slip Covers

Chiavari Classic Slip Covers
Change the color of your existing Chiavari Chair Cushions in a snap with VF Slip Covers. Your whole cushion fits through the envelope-style opening in the bottom of the Slip Cover. As long as your cushions are approximately 16"x16"x 2" these Slip Covers should fit your cushions!

Bengaline Slip Covers

Chiavari Bengaline Slip Covers
Bengaline fabric is a high luster fabric available in many vivid colors. Envelope style Slip Covers fit right over your existing Chiavari Cushions just like the Classic Slip Covers!

Cushion Crawler™

Chiavari Cushion Crawler
3" ball bearing wheels easily glide over most floors, virtually eliminating back strain from bending over to tie cushions.

Mesh Stocking

Chiavari Mesh Stocking
Our Mesh Stocking makes stuffing cushions easy! The Mesh Stocking covers the cushion foam with a slick fabric to reduce friction and makes it easy to slip foam inside almost any cushion cover. Save time struggling with sticky foam!
Click Here to Check out our New Mesh Stocking Video!

Chiavari Cushion Foam

Chiavari Cushion Foam
Buy raw foam to replace your worn out cushion foams or to have extra foam on hand to use with slip covers. Works great with our Mesh Sleeves!

Shower Cap Bonnet for Board Cushions

Now with our Shower Cap Bonnet cushion cover you can quickly change the color of your Board Cushions just like our original Chiavari Cushions! With a simple design that is easy to slip on and off, you will love the ease of this product.

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Our chair cushions are constantly ‘on the move’! We have found that our regular cushion covers just can’t handle the wear and tear.We were happy to come across these cushion covers that are extra strong & stain resistant! We placed an order and were so pleased at the great customer service we received from Vison Furniture. The process of placing our order was so smooth and seamless. We were very happy with our product and will definitely be ordering more cushion covers in the future! A big thank-you to Jim and the team!
Melissa Sawyer | Cacique | Nassau, Bahamas​