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Chiavari Barstools

Chiavari Barstools by Vision Furniture are built to transform your bar and high-top tables with the elegance of Chiavari style. Our barstools will be the perfect casual chic compliment to your existing Chiavari Chairs.

Our Chiavari Barstool is light weight, stackable and easy to transport. Vision Furniture stocks all barstool colors and ships from our Philadelphia warehouse.

In Stock Barstool Colors Include: Gold, Silver, White, Ivory, Black, Mahogany, Fruitwood, Natural, and Raw


  • Use for 42" high-top tables and bars
  • Built from Acacia with braced chair legs
  • Stackable up to 4 Barstools high
  • Ships Fully Assembled
  • Light Weight Only: 12lbs
  • Dimensions: 16.5"x16.5"x45"
  • Height to Seat Top: 28.5"
Wood Chiavari Barstool Tear Sheet pdf
Chiavari Chairs Barstool
White Chiavari Barstools at the VF Factory Chiavari Chairs Barstool
Gold Barstool Chiavari Chairs Gold Barstool
Silver Barstool Chiavari Chairs Silver Barstool
White Barstool Chiavari Chairs White Barstool
Mahogany Barstool Chiavari Chairs Mahogany Barstool
Walnut Barstool Chiavari Chairs Walnut Barstool
Fruitwood Barstool Chiavari Chairs Fruitwood Barstool
Natural Barstool Chiavari Chairs Natural Barstool
Black Barstool Chiavari Chairs Black Barstool

Chiavari Barstools in the Vision Factory

Chiavari Black Barstool
Chiavari Gold Barstool
Chiavari Walnut Barstool