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The Vision Top 5

We believe the Chiavari Chair buying process should be easy and enjoyable. To help you through this, we have prepared our Top Five qualifications when looking for both a product AND a company to work with.

#5 - Full-Circle Construction

Construction starts with materials, requires care and patience, and ends with a commitment to consistently delivering a great product time and time again. You need to work with a company that is willing to take every step necessary to ensure you receive a solid chair.

A sole focus on cost can cause people to cut corners- and you're the one who winds up paying for that in the end through increased injury liability and the cost of unnecessary replacements.

Consider these scenarios:

  • A cheap and faulty chair glide with a sharp nail head can quickly cause hundreds or thousands of dollars of damage to an expensive hardwood floor.
  • Chairs with parts made in different factories may not fit together correctly, and will be 'fixed' with only putty filler and glues. Solid wood and tight joints are the best!
  • Cushions with only a base stich will come apart quickly. 100% cotton will degrade faster then 100% polyester.
  • If a chair leg is not bracketed or is bracketed using cheap braces, the legs can break and cause serious injury!

A responsible company will find a balance between cost and quality so that you receive the best value for the money!

#4 - Availability For The Long-Term

The company you choose should maintain a large stock of Chiavari Chairs so you receive quick shipping on your order and a high level of quality assurance. By warehousing our own product (in comparison to drop-shipping), we have the opportunity to fully inspect every chair before it goes out the door. (When you call, ask about our 12-Point Quality Assurance Inspection.)

All of our chair colors are available year after year. This is important because when you expand your seating inventory, you will need to purchase the same chair color. Our chair colors are standard because we understand your need for consistent colors year after year.

#3 - Safety!

The best chair is one that is out of sight and out of mind- meaning, it should not break and cause injury. No other company we know of has put their chairs through the appropriate BIFMA tests to ensure quality and safety.

Building chairs is more of a responsibility than most people ever realize. Out of all the facilities during an event, guests use their seats the most! Therefore, building safe and reliable chairs is something we take very seriously.

#2 - Focused Expertise

Some companies out there are simply resellers of several products- and many also drop-ship directly from the manufacturer to you. That's nice and all, but how will this help you when it comes to customer support?

Choose a company that has some skin in the game. Since 2003, Vision Furniture has invested heavily into our own production facility which builds our chairs exclusively. We have refined the process so much that our competitors have trouble recreating the high level of quality we produce - and that's why they sell the cheaper chairs! A strict attention to detail is important because our chairs not only need to look good, but they must be durable and safe. Our chairs are priced as they are because our chairs must meet our standards and offer our clients proper value.

#1 - Peace Of Mind

You need to work with a company you can trust. When you call customer service, do you connect with someone who knows your business, or do you feel like just a number?

Vision Furniture is Accredited by the Better Business Bureau and maintains an A+ rating for our exemplary service and top product design. We have put our chairs through rigorous testing because we care about the type of experience our clients receive from us.

Every chair we sell also comes with our 15-Month Limited Warranty to help protect your investment- and this is after we put each chair through our 12-Point Quality Assurance Inspection.