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Not All Chairs Are Created Equal

"Where can I find Cheap Chiavari Chairs? Aren't all Chiavari Chairs the same?" This is a common anthem to the buying process. Sure, it's easy to find low-priced Chiavari Chairs on the internet but to make a cheaper chair, you need to cut corners in order to produce them as fast and as cheaply as possible.

But cutting corners sacrifices quality and safety! Is that what you want?

A Great Balance Between Cost and Quality

Since 2003 we have worked almost exclusively with Chiavari Chairs.

Our experience with various factories in our early years, (we now have a factory that makes only Vision Furniture brand Chiavari Chairs) coupled with our sense of responsibility to our clients (we only sell products that we would use in our own rental business!) has caused us to develop a unique way to produce high-quality chairs at an affordable price.

VF Chairs:

  • Require less maintenance and upkeep over time
  • Stay sturdier for longer
  • Come with our 2-year limited warranty on chair structure
  • Pass our 12-Point Quality Assurance Inspection before leaving our warehouse

We Set A New Standard

"Chiavari" is a style, not a brand name. That's why you will see so much quality variation out there in the market. Most companies are just re-sellers looking for product to sell at the cheapest price possible.

At Vision Furniture we ARE the factory.

Because our factory produces exclusively for us, we can maintain a very low defect rate while providing you a better finish, stronger frame and more reliable chair to last for years.

We are the ONLY company to offer our exclusive 12-Point Quality Assurance Inspection and we test our chairs to BIFMA commercial furniture standards.

The BIFMA testing is done by a third party in the USA. Our 12-point inspection is performed on every chair which virtually eliminates the risk of receiving chairs that are produced poorly with bad wood joints or improper finishes. For example, with our chairs you will not have to re-glue the joints or paint the chairs when they arrive, thus eliminating hidden maintenance costs AFTER your purchase.

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