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Wood vs. Metal and Resin

1) Elegant Style

While metal chairs can feel cold and stiff, and resin chairs often look cheap and sway too much, Wood Chiavari Chairs have a rich, elegant feel that complements fine events.

2) Some colors are only available for wood

Finishes such as Mahogany, Fruitwood, Walnut, and Natural are often desirable because they bring out the beauty of the wood. It's obvious that metal and resin could never reproduce the dimension and depth that your guests love. We use only commercial-grade paints, finishes, and laquers to give you lasting beauty.

3) Super-Durable

Our chairs are built to last and our product passes 5 BIFMA 5.1 seating tests produced especially for commercial chairs. In certain tests our wood chair back lasted 1,000%+ longer than certain resin Chiavari chairs during a chair back durability test.

4) Easy to maintain

It's simple to repair and touch up a wood chair with our maintenance kit. Therefore, wood chairs can have a very long life with proper maintenance and care.

Metal chairs usually require welding when the joints loosen and metal can dent easily when hit.

Resin is difficult to clean because dirt and stains can become trapped in scratches on the surface of the chair. Once a resin chair is cracked, it becomes completely unusable, and depending on the design and raw materials used, they can become weak and crack without warning.

5) Wood Chairs give advance warning before breaking

This is an important feature you do not find with Resin and Metal Chiavari Chairs:

If a wood chair is to be a dangerous chair, the chair becomes wobbly, creaky, and the joints start to come loose. This is great news for you because these advance warning signs are an opportunity to service your chairs before they cause harm to anyone.

Other materials such as resin can break and snap without this advance warning; this is called Catastrophic Failure.

The ability to recognize advance warning signs of chair deterioration are important for companies who want to ensure they are providing safe seating for their customers.