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Cushion Slip Covers

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Dramatic Looks with Slip Covers

Cushion Slip Covers: 30+ colors available for rent or purchase

No need to remove the existing cushion cover! Turn your existing Chiavari Chair Cushions (Velcro or Ties) quickly into any color you need. Simply use a slip cover right over the cushion and foam without needing to remove anything. ur cushion fits through the envelope-style opening in the bottom (see 3rd picture to the right).

Are these slip covers easy to clean: Cleaning cushion slip covers is faster than cleaning standard cushions because they are so easy to take off and slip on.

Do slip covers work with off-brand Chiavari chair cushions? Yes, as long as your cushions are approximately 16"x16"x2" these should fit just fine.

Cushion Slip Cover Tear Sheet pdf

Classic Slip Covers

Our most popular Classic Slip Cover colors are made with soft and durable Poly-Twill fabric and are available in: White, Ivory, Black, Brown and Ivory Damask. All of our Slip Covers have an envelope style opening on the bottom that makes it easy to slip on and off over your existing cushion covers. Whether your cushions have ties or Velcro straps, our Slip Covers fit easily over either and make it quick and simple to change the color of your Chiavari Cushions. All Slip Covers are machine washable and easy to maintain!
  • Chiavari Black Classic Slip CoverBlack
  • Chiavari Brown Classic Slip CoverBrown
  • Chiavari Damask Classic Slip CoverDamask
  • Chiavari Ivory Classic Slip CoverIvory
  • Chiavari White Classic Slip CoverWhite

Designer Slip Cover

Our VF Designer Slip Covers are available in a wide array of colors and textures. Both the Bengaline and Dupioni style Slip Covers have a soft texture and sheen. All Slip Covers are machine washable and easy to maintain! This is not a complete list of colors – if you are looking for a color that you do not see on this page call us at (215) 695-3300 for more information. Vision Furniture also makes custom Slip Covers by request.
  • Chiavari Zebra Slip CoverZebra
  • Chiavari Watermelon Pink Dupioni Slip CoverWatermelon Pink Dupioni
  • Chiavari Apple Green Dupioni Slip CoverApple Green Dupioni
  • Chiavari Blush Dupioni Slip CoverBlush Dupioni
  • Chiavari Champagne Dupioni Slip CoverChampagne Dupioni
  • Chiavari Pecan Dupioni Slip CoverPecan Dupioni
  • Chiavari Ultra Royal Blue Bengaline Slip CoverUltra Royal Blue Bengaline
  • Chiavari Ocean Blue Bengaline Slip CoverOcean Blue Bengaline
  • Chiavari Marine Navy Bengaline Slip CoverMarine Navy Bengaline
  • Chiavari Jewel Turquoise Bengaline Slip CoverJewel Turquoise Bengaline
  • Chiavari Heaven Blue Bengaline Slip CoverHeaven Blue Bengaline
  • Chiavari Crepe Teal Bengaline Slip CoverCrepe Teal Bengaline
  • Chiavari Aqua Bengaline Slip CoverAqua Bengaline
  • Chiavari Burnished Gold Bengaline Slip CoverBurnished Gold Bengaline
  • Chiavari Silverado Bengaline Slip CoverSilverado Bengaline
  • Chiavari Violet Bengaline Slip CoverViolet Bengaline
  • Chiavari Iris Bengaline Slip CoverIris Bengaline
  • Chiavari Mystic Burgundy Bengaline Slip CoverMystic Burgundy Bengaline
  • Chiavari Crimson Bengaline Slip CoverCrimson Bengaline
  • Chiavari Cerise Bengaline Slip CoverCerise Bengaline
  • Chiavari Petal Pink Bengaline Slip CoverPetal Pink Bengaline
  • Chiavari Sunshine Bengaline Slip CoverSunshine Bengaline
  • Chiavari Capri Coral Bengaline Slip CoverCapri Coral Bengaline
  • Chiavari Mango Bengaline Slip CoverMango Bengaline
  • Chiavari Burnt Orange Bengaline Slip CoverBurnt Orange Bengaline
  • Chiavari Sage Bengaline Slip CoverSage Bengaline
  • Chiavari Tiffany Blue Dupioni Slip CoverTiffany Blue Dupioni
  • Chiavari Bali Lavender Bengaline Slip CoverBali Lavender Bengaline
  • Chiavari Black Bengaline Slip CoverBlack Bengaline
  • Chiavari Dark Brown Bengaline Slip CoverDark Brown Bengaline
  • Chiavari Victorian Gold Slip CoverVictorian Gold