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Chiavari Chair Cushions

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Chiavari Classic Cushions

  • Won't Go Flat
  • Ties/Velcro Won't Rip - upgraded poly-chord thread
  • Upgraded Zippers
  • Tear Resistant - heavy commercial grade fabric
  • Easy Cleanup - treated with stain resistant finish

These fully tailored, premium Chiavari Cushions use our unique Stain Resistant Finish to repel stains from coffee, wine and other food items. It also allows for ease of cleaning and spot touching rather than having to fully launder the entire cushion cover. Our fabric is also of a heavier commercial weight than most other Chiavari Chair cushions. Our cushions are made with high density foam which will remain firm over time.

NOTICE: Vision Furniture Cushions meet all flammability requirements of California Bureau of Home Furnishings Bulletins 117. Care should be exercised near open flame or with burning cigarettes.

Chiavari Standard Cushion dimensions
Classic Cushion Tear Sheet pdf

Classic Chiavari Cushions

Our most popular cushions are the Classic style with ties or Velcro straps in: White, Ivory, Black or Brown – but additional colors are available in this style. These cushions are made with Poly-Twill fabric that is treated with a stain resistant finish that makes cleaning quick and easy. We only use high quality materials like high-density foam cores, commercial grade fabric and poly-chord thread to insure that your cushions with last for years!
  • Chiavari White Cushion with TiesWhite Cushion with Ties
  • Chiavari White Cushion with VelcroWhite Cushion with Velcro
  • Chiavari Black Cushion with TiesBlack Cushion with Ties
  • Chiavari Black Cushion with VelcroBlack Cushion with Velcro
  • Chiavari Ivory Cushion with TiesIvory Cushion with Ties
  • Chiavari Ivory Cushion with VelcroIvory Cushion with Velcro
  • Chiavari Brown Cushion with TiesBrown Cushion with Ties
  • Chiavari Brown Cushion with VelcroBrown Cushion with Velcro
  • Chiavari Parisian Gold CushionParisian Gold Cushion
  • Chiavari Parisian Silver CushionParisian Silver Cushion
  • Chiavari Tan Cushion with TiesTan Cushion with Ties
  • Chiavari Taupe Cushion with TiesTaupe Cushion with Ties

Patterned Chiavari Cushions

More Classic Style Cushions

  • Chiavari Classic Damask with TiesClassic Damask with Ties
  • Chiavari Nouveau Gold with TiesNouveau Gold with Ties
  • Chiavari Off White Vinyl with VelcroOff White Vinyl with Velcro
  • Chiavari Hunter Green with TiesHunter Green with Ties
  • Chiavari Navy Blue with TiesNavy Blue with Ties
  • Chiavari Steel Grey Cushion with TiesSteel Grey Cushion with Ties

Skirted Chiavari Cushion

  • Chiavari White Skirted CushionWhite Skirted Cushion
  • Chiavari White Skirted CushionWhite Skirted Cushion
  • Chiavari Black Skirted Cushion Black Skirted Cushion
  • Chiavari Black Skirted Cushion Black Skirted Cushion
  • Chiavari Parisian Gold Skirted Cushion Parisian Gold Skirted Cushion
  • Chiavari Parisian Gold Skirted Cushion Parisian Gold Skirted Cushion
  • Parisian Silver Skirted Cushion Parisian Silver Skirted Cushion
  • Parisian Silver Skirted Cushion Parisian Silver Skirted Cushion

Vinyl Chiavari Cushions

We have two vinyl cushion options that are great for those who want the look of the Classic Chiavari cushion but do not want to deal with laundering linens. The vinyl leatherette material is sleek and modern with a stain resistant finish. Although these cushions are easy to clean from most event debris with just a damp cloth, some heavy dyes from shoes, certain clothing etc. may stain the upholstery and require extra cleaning.

Classic Vinyl Cushions

In-Stock: Off White (custom vinyl fabrics available by request)
  • Chiavari Off White Vinyl with VelcroOff White Vinyl with Velcro

Vinyl Board Cushion

Our upholstered board cushions provide a more permanent look for your Chiavari chairs. They are made to fit all Vision Furniture Chiavari Chairs as well as some off-brand Chiavari chairs. These cushions feature high quality internal foam that is upholstered with a soft synthetic leather that is durable and easy to maintain because of the stain resistant and almost waterproof nature of the material. After an event, just wipe the cushions and they will be usable the next day. These cushions are semi-permanent and attach to the Chiavari Chair seat using Velcro. When you purchase the cushions and chairs together, we will install the Velcro to the seat itself. If you already own chairs and wish to buy these cushions, then your staff may install the cushions with Velcro that we provide.
  • Chiavari Black Vinyl Board CushionBlack Vinyl Board Cushion
  • Chiavari Off White Vinyl Board CushionOff White Vinyl Board Cushion

Designer Chiavari Cushions

Our Designer Chiavari Chair Cushions are made in-house with fabric styles that are a little more formal like Bengalines and Dupionis that have a soft sheen. Our Designer Chiavari Cushions come in both neutral and bright colors and patterns that are sure to elevate the look of any event or décor. These cushions have an envelope style opening rather than a zipper, which makes it easier to slip the covers on and off.
  • Chiavari Zebra Slip CoverZebra
  • Chiavari Watermelon Pink DupioniWatermelon Pink Dupioni
  • Chiavari Apple Green Dupioni Slip CoverApple Green Dupioni
  • Chiavari Blush Dupioni Slip CoverBlush Dupioni
  • Chiavari Champagne DupioniChampagne Dupioni
  • Chiavari Pecan DupioniPecan Dupioni
  • Chiavari Ultra Royal Blue BengalineUltra Royal Blue Bengaline
  • Chiavari Ocean Blue BengalineOcean Blue Bengaline
  • Chiavari Marine Navy BengalineMarine Navy Bengaline
  • Chiavari Jewel Turquoise BengalineJewel Turquoise Bengaline
  • Chiavari Heaven Blue BengalineHeaven Blue Bengaline
  • Chiavari Crepe Teal BengalineCrepe Teal Bengaline
  • Chiavari Aqua BengalineAqua Bengaline
  • Chiavari Burnished Gold BengalineBurnished Gold Bengaline
  • Chiavari Silverado BengalineSilverado Bengaline
  • Chiavari Violet BengalineViolet Bengaline
  • Chiavari Iris BengalineIris Bengaline
  • Chiavari Mystic Burgundy BengalineMystic Burgundy Bengaline
  • Chiavari Crimson BengalineCrimson Bengaline
  • Chiavari Cerise BengalineCerise Bengaline
  • Chiavari Petal Pink BengalinePetal Pink Bengaline
  • Chiavari Sunshine BengalineSunshine Bengaline
  • Chiavari Capri Coral BengalineCapri Coral Bengaline
  • Chiavari Mango BengalineMango Bengaline
  • Chiavari Burnt Orange BengalineBurnt Orange Bengaline
  • Chiavari Sage BengalineSage Bengaline
  • Chiavari Tiffany Blue DupioniTiffany Blue Dupioni
  • Chiavari Bali Lavender BengalineBali Lavender Bengaline
  • Chiavari Black BengalineBlack Bengaline
  • Chiavari Dark Brown BengalineDark Brown Bengaline

Custom Chiavari Cushions

Looking for Chiavari Cushions using your own custom fabric or designs? Let Vision Furniture produce exactly what you need. We can work with you to find the perfect fabric and style choice for any type of décor. Lead times are typically 1-3 weeks once fabric is received but can vary according to the size of your order.
Call us today at 215-695-3300 or fill out a Request for Quote here:

Custom Chiavari Inspiration

  • Chiavari Custom Avacado Vinyl Board CushionCustom Avocado Vinyl Board Cushion
  • Chiavari Custom Avacado Vinyl with VelcroCustom Avocado Vinyl with Velcro
  • Chiavari Custom Osterich Vinyl Board CushionCustom Osterich Vinyl Board Cushion
  • Chiavari Custom Pattern FabricCustom Pattern Fabric
  • Chiavari Custom StripedCustom Striped
  • Chiavari Custom Textured VinylCustom Textured Vinyl
  • Chiavari Custom Navy White PipingCustom Navy with White Piping
  • Blue + White Striped Linen Cushion with SkirtBlue + White Striped Linen Cushion with Skirt