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Frequently Asked Questions - Chiavari Chairs

Chiavari Chairs - Frequently Asked Questions

Each brand of Chiavari Chair is manufactured differently. Chiavari is a style of chair which originated in Chiavari, Italy - it is not a brand - therefore there are many variations between brands. Some of variations are harder to recognize than others but it is important to do your research so that you buy from a company that crafts their chairs in a way that is reliable, durable and safe.

Chiavari Chairs Basic Questions

ans_btnclose_btn Are all Chiavari Chairs the same?
Chiavari is the name of a chair style. And, Vision Furniture is a one of the manufacturers in the marketplace known for quality.
While all Chiavari Chairs share this similar style which involves carved bamboo joints, there is a wide range of differences in product and service from different manufacturers and online wholesalers.
The quality level and value of a Chiavari Chair depends greatly on Raw Materials used, to the quality level of the production facility, to quality controls and the vision of the company that you are buying from. As well as the after sale service.
In today's market many companies compromise reliability to realize cheap prices only. In fact, today's Chiavari Chair marketplace is saturated with exceedingly low priced Chiavari chairs made of Wood, Aluminum, Metal and Resin that do not pass basic reliability tests. Call us and we'll explain why.
Vision Furniture is the alternative for companies looking for a reliable chair built to good standards and good value.
ans_btnclose_btn Which is better, Wood, Resin or Metal Chiavari Chairs?
Vision Furniture specializes in Wood Chiavari Chair production primarily because:
  • We have had real success with our factory to produce consistent and reliable wood Chairs.
  • Wood has a great look and feel that lends itself well to elegant settings.
  • Wood chairs are easy to repair and maintain with inexpensive touchup products. All event products will have wear and tear so it is very important to know how to maintain them.
  • Wood Chairs can last indefinitely, this means 10+ years if maintained and we have clients that are still using their chairs from 2004.
  • In product testing, especially in chair back durability testing, our chair joints have been tested to be 2,400% more durable than metal or resin Chiavari Chairs tested. Those chairs are not reliable.
  • The main problem with Generic Wood, Metal and Resin Chiavari Chairs is that most factories are producing their products to such low price levels that it is impossible to have reliability and integrity at those prices so at this time, a Vision Furniture brand wood chair offers a complete package to our customers.
ans_btnclose_btn What is the difference between Tiffany Chairs, Chiavari Chairs and Chivari Chairs?
All of the following names represent the same chair. Typically Mexico and Latin America use the name "Tiffany Chair". In the USA, Chiavari and Chivari are used interchangeably.
The correct spelling is "Chiavari" which is named for the town of Chiavari, Italy where the styling first originated.
ans_btnclose_btn What is the difference between Assembled and KD?
KD is short for knockdown meaning that the chair ships unassembled and will need assembling prior to use. The advantages of KD is the cost savings when transporting and shipping the chairs because the chairs ship flat packed.
With our wood chairs, the strongest wood chairs are assembled and tested at the factory. In this way, you will achieve strong furniture grade joints and will not have the problem with the KD screw joints where the screws may loosen quickly.
In addition, we recommend our clients to purchased fully assembled Chairs over KD, because when the chair is fully assembled, the client can be assured that the factory was able to properly assemble chair before it left the plant.
How often have you purchased a knockdown item from Home Depot or Ikea only to find out later that it was unable to be assembled because of missing parts of that the holes were drilled in the wrong place.
ans_btnclose_btn Where are Vision Furniture's Chiavari Chairs made and what Kind of Wood is Used?
Vision Furniture's Chiavari Chairs are produced from Acacia wood which grows in Northern China. There, the climate is seasonal which is ideal for the growth of good quality hard wood. Our wood is flexible because of its long fibers which gives it the flexibility that the chair needs to be comfortable.
We only purchase quality Acacia wood and our chairs are produced 100% with 1st grade Acacia wood. And, since our products are fully assembled, the chair quality is fully confirmed before shipping to clients.
Buyer Beware: Many factories in China produce chairs using low grade Acacia wood with no heat treatment to control moisture content. This bottom of the barrel wood can be brittle and filled with cracks and imperfections making the chair unreliable.
ans_btnclose_btn What is BIFMA and why is this important?
BIFMA stands for the Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer's Association. We send our chairs to their labs for rigorous testing to ensure their safety and durability.
Reliable product testing is the most important method to ensure that the customer is receiving reliable and responsible products.
With Vision Furniture brand productions, our clients can be 100% assured that they are purchasing responsible products that function as marketed.
Buyer Beware: Online there is a lot of product testing misinformation provided to drive sales which is misleading and bad business.

Clear Chiavari Chairs

ans_btnclose_btn What is a Clear Resin, or Ice Chiavari Chair?
Our Clear Chiavari Chair is a beautiful option for those looking for a unique and cutting edge party and event furniture. These contemporary and transparent Chiavari chairs will transform your event through their ability to capture and reflect the lighting and ambience of the room in a glass, crystal, or ice-like manner.
The chair is made of clear polycarbonate resin, which is a very strong and durable material. It has high impact-resistance and highly transparent- it actually has better light transmission than many kinds of glass, making it a beautiful choice for your events.
ans_btnclose_btn What is the difference between Acrylic vs. Polycarbonate?
Some people are calling this style of clear chair an Acrylic chair, but this is incorrect unless the chair is actually made of Acrylic plastic. Acrylic refers to the specific type of plastic used in Plexiglas. It is a clear thermoplastic that is heavier than polycarbonate and also less impact resistant. Our transparent Chiavari chairs are made with polycarbonate plastic.
There are several reasons why Polycarbonate is a better material to use for Chiavari Chairs. Acrylic does tend to be cheaper because the material is inexpensive and it is a little easier to work with in terms of molding it into shape. Acrylic however, is more likely to chip because it has less impact resistance than Polycarbonate. Polycarbonate, on the other hand, is the preferred material by the government and other agencies where strength and integrity is important. It is used in bulletproof windows and even the cockpit windows for fighter jets. Because of its superior qualities, polycarbonate does cost more to produce and work with.
We use 100% Virgin Polycarbonate polymer because of the many properties that make it the right choice for our chairs. It makes for a beautiful chair and is a great complement in your contemporary design.

Buying Chiavari Chairs From Vision Furniture

ans_btnclose_btn Where do you ship to and which countries have you done business in?
In the domestic USA, Vision Furniture provides quick and efficient shipping to all USA states.
Vision Furniture has experience shipping Chiavari Chairs to many countries including: Canada, Mexico, Panama, Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Romania, Greece, Singapore, Angola, and Caribbean Islands, etc.
For our International Customers, our direct container program is a great option to obtain high quality Chiavari Chairs delivered directly to your local Shipping Port.
ans_btnclose_btn Is there a difference between Vision Furniture's Acacia Wood Chairs and European Beech Wood Chiavari Chairs?
The main difference between Vision Furniture's Acacia wood Chair and those chairs produced of Beechwood is the wood and the construction techniques.
Both Acacia and Beech have excellent properties for making excellent quality chairs. Beech is very plentiful in Europe and Acacia is plentiful in Northern Asia.
It is important that your chairs are produced using only the best quality wood without Rot or other wood problems.
Vision Furniture only produces using the best quality Asian Acacia wood. In fact, Vision Furniture's Acacia wood Chair is a standard for reliability for in the Chiavari Chair marketplace and we product test our chairs to meet important testing standards.
ans_btnclose_btn If I could buy Chiavari Chairs much cheaper directly from China, why should I buy from Vision Furniture?
The difference between Vision Furniture's Chiavari Chairs and those of other China factories is that our chairs are built to Vision Furniture's standard for reliability which took years of development and much investment and cooperation. And, it all comes down to you get what you pay for.
With good value raw materials and a production that is based on good value processes you will get a good chair, but it will cost a little more.
Here are the advantages of buying from Vision Furniture and why our chairs cost more:
At Vision Furniture, we want satisfied customers. And, our owners: Anthony Tokarchyk and Sonya Tokarchyk are only satisfied with selling good value products that offer real value to their customers.
This is why Vision Furniture doesn't cut corners when it comes to its raw materials and manufacturing techniques. And, this is why every chair that leaves Vision Furniture's Philadelphia warehouse or our China plant is examined by the staff to make sure that the quality levels that we advertise are being met.
Anthony Tokarchyk, President of Vision Furniture says that: "In our business, since the chairs are being used by people all over the world at any given time, it is our responsibility to make sure that we are manufacturing safe and reliable seating for our clients all at a good price level and we don't skimp on Quality".

Owning Chiavari Chairs

ans_btnclose_btn Do I need protective chair covers?
Your need for chair covers will all depend on how you will use Chiavari Chairs.
For a ballroom where the chairs will remain on the ballroom floor and where stacking will be minimal, chair covers are not necessary because the wear and tear may be minimal. However, you may want to purchase some chair covers to have on hand for certain chairs that will be stored in a dusty environment or that are transported to other facilities.
Rental companies that are constantly transporting Chiavari Chairs to events will benefit when implementing protective chair covers.
Here is how: They will keep the chair dust free in the warehouse so, you will not need to wipe down each chair prior to each rental The chair covers protect each chair when stacked. In this way, the seat edge and, the wood finish is protected. Most of the wear and tear occurs to the paint finish, especially when the chairs are being transported to events.
Save your cardboard packaging material and use them as row dividers. When using chair covers, use cardboard row dividers in your truck. Combining chair covers and row dividers is crucially important.
ans_btnclose_btn Why doesn't a chair cover cost $2.99 like everyone else?
The goal of a chair cover is protect a Chiavari Chair's value and the low grade thin/pressed materials that our competition uses just doesn't work for us. Those covers deteriorate if age and are easy to tear.
In our opinion, the chair cover should last the life of the chair. It shouldn't be easy to tear and it should offer real protection, not just a covering.
Protecting your rental Chiavari Chair is the best way to preserve your investment, reduce maintenance costs and look more professional. And, the few extra dollars is money well spent in the long run.
ans_btnclose_btn How do I maintain my Chiavari Chairs and how can I touchup my chairs?
Vision Furniture offers a full supply of professional grade touchup materials selected and made specifically for each of our chair finishes.
In the chair rental business it is very important to maintain the quality level of your rental products as your customers know the difference between companies that do take care of their chairs and those that do not.
Here is how you successfully preserve your Chiavari chairs: Buy good quality chairs. Cover your chairs in chair covers. This will protect the chairs from dust in the warehouse and greatly reduce damages and wear and tear during shipping
Routinely check your chair structure and tighten bolts as yearly maintenance.
And, purchase touchup materials from Vision Furniture to keep you investment looking new.
ans_btnclose_btn How high can these chairs stack?
It is typical to stack chairs 6-8 chair high without much of a problem. However, one must realize that the higher one stacks, the more likely the stack is to fall. So, good judgment must be made in consideration to the level of your floor. 7 Chairs high is a good option.
ans_btnclose_btn How much space will my Chiavari Chairs take up?
Each stack of 7 chairs has a footprint of 16" x 24" or 2.66ft sq. So, for an inventory of 100 Chairs, you will approx. 14.28 stacks of chairs which will take up approx. 38ft. sq of space.
When planning storage space for your rental chairs, make sure to allow for enough room for a working / rental preparation area.
ans_btnclose_btn Is your Chiavari Chair cart compatible with Chiavari Chairs from other companies?
Our Chiavari Chair Cart called the "Chair Shark" is compatible with other stacking Chiavari chairs as long as the rear leg opening is at least 10.5 inches wide by 11 inches tall.