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Folding Chair Frequently Asked Questions

Resin Folding Chair Frequently Asked Questions:

ans_btnclose_btn What are the chair’s dimensions?

Chairs Folding diagram

Height: 30”

Width: 17.5”

Seat Dims: 15.5” wide x 13.5” deep

Weight: 10.8 lbs.

ans_btnclose_btn Are the chairs safe when someone leans on the back two chair legs or flops down on the seat?
Yes! Through thoughtful design and product testing we are able to produce a safe and reliable chair that can handle this treatment (though we don’t recommend it!). We have seen many imported folding chairs that fall apart when only 200lbs of weight is dropped onto the seat top.
Our chair is the only resin folding chair that we have tested that can pass the BIFMA 5.1 seating drop test. This is what makes it the best white folding chair! This test drops 225lbs onto the seat from 6 inches and then drops another 300lbs onto the seat.
Also, our chair is the only chair that we have tested that exceeds 1,000lbs in static weight load seat top testing. We have tested many of our competitor’s chairs that falsely advertise a 1,000lb static weight load capacity when their capacity is actually only 600-800lbs.
ans_btnclose_btn What is the weight capacity of Vision Furniture Folding Chairs?
We recommend a weight limit of 300lbs for our Resin Folding Chairs. Our Folding Chairs have been tested to withstand a much higher static weight load of 1000 pound, but a 300lbs weight limit is a reasonable working weight limit for a folding chair that passes BIFMA.
300lbs is the recommended weight limit on any Vision Furniture BIFMA compliant Chiavari Chair or Resin Folding Chair.
ans_btnclose_btn Will a VF Resin Folding Chair nest with other brands?
Most likely yes, our brand of folding chairs will nest with other brands. The shape and size of folding chairs is fairly universal, even if the materials and manufacturing practices vary greatly.
ans_btnclose_btn Have VF Folding Chairs been tested for reliability and safety?
Yes! Our chairs have been tested to pass all 6 U.S. BIFMA commercial furniture testing standards for safety and reliability.
  • Chair Back Durability Test: PASS
  • Chair Back Strength Test: PASS
  • Dynamic Drop Test: PASS
  • Seating Durability Test: PASS
  • Leg Strength Test: PASS
  • Stability Test: PASS
ans_btnclose_btn What is the most important safety test that a Resin Folding Chair should pass?
For a folding chair, the most important test to pass is the BIFMA Dynamic Drop Test. This is because the seat folds and the folding mechanism is always the weakest point of the chair. When a weight is dropped on the seat of bad chairs they will break at the folding mechanism, while a good chair will be able to support the weight.
Many manufacturers claim their chairs meet BIFMA standards but never do the drop test. We’ve tested many of our competitor’s chairs and have never seen a Resin Folding Chair that is made in China pass a 300lb Drop Test. Almost all chairs tested fail at a 225lb drop.
A Vision Furniture chair will pass a 225lbs drop from 6” and a 300lb drop from 6”. This is significant if you want safe chairs for your customers.
ans_btnclose_btn What is the most popular folding chair color?
Both Black and White folding chairs are very popular. However, White is a well known and loved outdoor ceremony chair or “Garden Chair” and would win a popularity contest. We sell 80% White Resin Folding Chairs and only 20% Black Resin Folding Chairs.
ans_btnclose_btn What are other names for the Resin Folding Chair?
Resin Folding Chairs go by many names: Garden Chairs, Wedding Chairs, Ceremony Chairs, Reception Chairs or even just Outdoor Chairs. This style of chair can be made from many different materials as well, (resin or wood are the most popular) but our folding chairs are all made with virgin resin.
ans_btnclose_btn Is the Resin Folding Chair better than a Wooden Folding Chair?
We prefer virgin resin when it comes to folding chairs, and here’s why: because of the folding mechanism in these chairs, resin is the sturdier, more durable and safer option.
Many of the wooden folding chairs on the market are made so cheaply that they are practically disposable. The constant folding and unfolding of cheaply made wood folding chairs cause the frame to come apart easily at the joints and the folding mechanism. This is the problem with cheaply made chairs in general.
So, if you are looking for a quality folding chair, we would recommend our White Resin Folding Chair for your event space as a durable and reliable option that passes BIFMA testing.
ans_btnclose_btn Which color Folding Chair is easier to keep clean?
Of course, the Black Resin Folding Chair is easier to keep clean than the white. The dark color helps to hide dirt and any possible staining.
White is still the most popular color it is not too difficult to wipe down and keep clean. Fortunately, for instances when the chairs are heavily soiled, we have some good cleaning tips for you!
ans_btnclose_btn How do I clean my Resin Folding Chairs?
First of all, our virgin polypropylene resin has a smooth outer layer. The texture and smooth nature of our resin’s finish repels dirt and staining better than imported varieties. Resin Folding Chairs from overseas tend to have a rough, porous surface that absorbs dirt and stains.
However, with all resin products, you will have some maintenance and dirt accumulation.
To best clean the chairs we recommend:

1) Wiping down your resin folding chairs with soap and water and using a dry towel or chamois to finish drying them.
2) Using a Magic Eraser style sponge to help polish out surface dirt. This eraser is basically a polishing pad and it will remove a small amount of the surface while taking the dirt away with it. It is great for stubborn stains.
3) Using a commercial steam cleaner. A good commercial steam cleaner will cost your around $1,000 but it is worth it if you are cleaning 1000s of chairs. In fact, you could invest in a few of these to help get the job done quickly. A quality steam cleaner uses dry vapor steam to melt away dirt and stains and is a very good way to clean your inventory in an efficient way.

ans_btnclose_btn Resin Folding Chairs vs Chiavari Chairs – Which should I use?
Chiavari Chairs are typically used for indoor events while Resin Folding Chairs are preferred for outdoors. Often events will require both styles of chair: Chiavari Chairs for the inside dinner reception and White Resin Folding Chairs for the outdoor ceremony.
Chiavari Chairs are often used to elevate the look of a wedding. Even a budget venue looks nicer with sophisticated wedding chairs rather than economy metal banquet chairs. White or Black Resin Folding Chairs can be used indoors as well, but the look when indoors is more casual which could work if it is a casual event space.