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Chiavari Chair Board Cushions

Chiavari Chair Board Cushions

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Hard Board Chiavari Cushions

Our upholstered board cushions provide a more permanent look for your Chiavari chairs while still maintaining the ability to stack the chairs. These board cushions are made to fit all Vision Furniture Chiavari Chairs as well as many off-brand Chiavari chairs, as long as our cushion size is compatible.

How They Work:

These cushions feature high quality internal foam that is upholstered with soft synthetic leather that is durable and easy to maintain. The stain resistant material is virtually waterproof and after an event just wipe the cushions down with a wet cloth to clean.

These cushions attach to the chair seat using Velcro.The installation of Velcro onto the seat top will be performed either by our staff when purchased with chairs or by you when purchased separately.


  • Semi-permanent cushion that is easy to maintain and wipe clean
  • Excellent quality foam means the cushion will keep its shape
  • In Stock Colors: Off White and Black - custom options available by request
Chiavari Cushion Dimensions
Board Cushion Tear Sheet pdf
Off White Vinyl Chiavari Board Cushion Chiavari Off White Board Cushion
Black Vinyl Chiavari Board Cushion Chiavari Black Board Cushion
Sahara Vinyl Chiavari Board Cushion Sahara Vinyl Chiavari Chair Panel Cushion
As an outdoor, garden wedding venue in Hawaii, finding quality furniture and decor can be tricky. We actually had cushions for our Chiavari chairs, but removed them because the weather just totally ruined the cushions, and they just didn't last- they were flat, torn and dirty. I spent some time doing my research to find a cushion that would last, and not end up like our old ones stored away. When I came across Vision Furniture, I knew right away that these were the ones we needed- HD foam cushions, stain resistant fabric and even quality threading too! So many color options, zipper closure, tie or Velcro, I knew they would be perfect for our open air Chapel. I emailed for a quote and got a response within a matter of an hour or two, including shipping and handling charges all the way to Hawaii. Beautiful, quality products AND quick, polite customer service, and we were sold- no convincing was needed to get the approval to purchase from our owner. We purchased that same day and received our shipment within a week. Being in Hawaii, not everything arrives that quickly. The packaging was great, and I was more impressed then I expected when I opened it! The cushions are the perfect addition our venue needed and I couldn't have selected a better product. They hold up extremely well in our weather, have stayed clean as promised, and are still so comfy after having hundreds of people sit on them. I couldn't be more satisfied with this purchase, and I will never have to research where to get these amazing cushions again! Mahalo Vision Furniture for making a difference for our venue and for our couples!
Tamara Suyetsugu | Haiku Gardens | Hawaii

Things to Consider:

  • Though our cushions use excellent quality foam, we don't recommend keeping your chairs stacked on top of these board cushions for long periods of time because the stacking weight over time may lead to impression marks and reduced foam resilience. For short periods of stacking, you can stack up to 6 chairs high without much risk. If you are putting your chairs away for the off season, we recommend removing the cushions and stack the chairs wood-on-wood.
  • Though the cushions are easy to clean from most event debris (such as coffee, wine, gravy, etc.)with just a damp cloth, some heavy dyes from shoes, inks, certain clothing, etc. could cause a stain that requires extra cleaning.
  • NOTICE: Vision Furniture Cushions meet all flammability requirements of California Bureau of Home Furnishings Bulletins 117. Care should be exercised near open flame or with burning cigarettes.