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Chiavari Chairs History


Chiavari Chairs have become one of the world’s most popular seats for special events and occasions ranging from weddings, to high profile entertainment events such as the Grammy’s and seating for popular TV Shows like Dancing with the Stars.

Essentially, the beautiful Chiavari Chair is a sophisticated chair that is not only elegant, but also affordable and a practical solution for managing seating for a small wedding of 30 to a large gala of 3,000.

Our Chiavari Chairs are wood Chiavari Chairs that are built to withstand the rigors and demands of the commercial and rental business. Our customers range from Event Specialists from the USA, Canada and Mexico to Brazil, Singapore, Angola, Romania…etc. Our customers are represented in over 14 countries world-wide.

Vision Furniture produces our Chiavari Chairs according to strict quality control guidelines. We fulfill thousands of the highest quality and highest value Chiavari Chairs for our clients in the USA and abroad.


Antique Gold

Our Antique Gold is the classic color of the famous Chiavari Chair. It is both festive and timeless. Our Antique Gold is a rich gold color with hints of copper and a crisp finish. Our Antique gold Chiavari Chairs can transform any event venue into a beautiful and elegant atmosphere.


Our silver chiavari has a crisp metallic finish and a healthy medium of depth.


Crisp, white and refreshing - our White Chiavari Chair is bright and clean.


Our Black Chiavari Chair has a deep and rich black color that is edgy, classic and modern.


Our Mahogany Chair is the darkest of our wood stains. The color is a dark warm brown with slight red tones that are similar to real antique Mahogany furniture. Our mahogany is never an opaque and painted finish.


Our Walnut Chiavari Chair is a medium brown stain with golden highlights. Our color is sometimes called a dark fruitwood and is a beautiful warm color.


Our Fruitwood Chiavari Chair is a light golden honey color that is similar to a natural cherry stain.


Our Natural Chiavari Chair is indicative of natural bamboo. The nature of the acacia wood is a varied wood grain pattern with slight color variations providing a very natural and green atmosphere.