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Parisian Silver Chiavari Cushions

Parisian Silver Chiavari Cushions are available with only Velcro straps. This Classic style Chiavari Cushion has a robust zipper, top and bottom piping, reinforced seams and a high-density foam core. These cushion pads are made with a heavy, commercial grade Poly-Twill fabric that is treated with a stain resistant finish. We only use high quality materials to ensure that your cushions with last for years!

The Parisian Silver Chiavari Cushion is a great neutral cushion option with a slight metallic finish. This cushion is made with a Poly-Twill fabric that is low sheen and has a stain resistant finish.

  • Won't Go Flat – High Density Foam
  • Ties/Velcro Won't Rip - Poly-Cord Thread
  • Robust Zippers Made to Last!
  • Tear Resistant - Heavy Commercial Fabric
  • Stain Resistant Finish - Easy to Clean!
  • Passes CAL-117 Fire Safety Tests

Vinyl Chiavari Cushions: What You Need to Know