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White Resin Folding Chairs - Wedding Chairs

Resin Folding Chairs

Resin Folding Chairs Made in the USA!

Folding Chairs

Resin Folding Chairs are the ceremony and reception chairs that are most often used for outdoor weddings and other special events that are held outdoors. The classic White Folding Chair with padded seat, which is often called a “Garden Chair”, is especially popular due to its bright white color.

Our Folding Chairs are 100% made in the USA using virgin polypropylene resin. These chairs might look very similar to other models but are in fact significantly more reliable (and safer!) than imported Folding Chairs from China. If you are looking for a great value and a chair that will withstand heavy usage, our Resin Folding Chairs are some of the lightest and best performing models available.

Our Resin Folding Chair Meets All 6 BIFMA Tests for Safety

If you are buying chairs for a busy venue or party rental company, you should insist that your event furniture meets U.S. BIFMA safety standards. This will protect your customers from unsafe chairs AND protect your business from potential liability from using inferior chairs with a higher risk of failing.

Most imported Resin Folding Chairs are brittle and break easily when weight is dropped onto the seat top. This is because the chairs are manufactured using poor-quality raw materials and manufacturing techniques. Reliable chairs mean you won’t have to worry about long-term problems with your investment. Read About Why Passing BIFMA is so Important.

Our folding chairs are available in two popular colors: White or Black

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How to Clean Resin Folding Chairs

Keeping your White Resin Folding Chairs clean is an important part of running your event business. Visit our Folding Chair Frequently Asked Questions page to learn how!

Why Imported Folding Chairs Break!

For safety, a chair must not break from weight that “flops” down onto the seat top. Our chair can support a 300lb drop from 6” onto the seat top. Imported chairs break when only 200lbs are dropped on to the seat top! Learn why imported resin folding chairs are unreliable.

I never realized I was wasting so much money on replacing my chairs. I thought it was just they way it is. Then, I found your chairs, and I'll never go back.
Ryan G., Boca Raton, FL