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BIFMA Certified: Resin Folding Chairs Made in the USA

White Folding Chairs by Vision Furniture are produced in the USA, Our White and Black Resin Folding Chairs are some of the lightest and best performing Resin Folding Chairs in the marketplace.Resin Folding Chairs in the marketplace. We test our chairs to BIFMA US Commercial Furniture Testing Standards to ensure safety and durability. We also make sure that our chairs will nest with almost every other common brand on the market. But for Vision Furniture, safety is most important so...

...on each of our chairs, we ask two very important questions:

1) Are the rear legs safe when someone leans back?

2) Is the chair seat safe when someone flops down onto the seat?

We accomplish a "Yes!" for both of these questions through product testing and design. We have seen many imported chairs that fall apart when a 200lb weight is dropped onto the seat top. We simply cannot offer such an unreliable product to our clients!

The value of our product is in the safety, reliability and peace of mind that our chair offers.

Our White Folding Chair is the only chair that we have tested that actually passes the BIFMA 5.1 drop test. This test drops 225lbs onto the seat from 6 inches and then drops another 300lbs onto the seat from 6 inches. Vision Furniture passes! See our video below for more information on our product testing and a comparison between a VF Chair and our competitor's cheap folding chair.

Resin Folding Chair Tear Sheet pdf

Our Vision Furniture Resin Folding Chair vs. an $18.00 Chair

Black Resin
Folding Chair
Chiavari Black Resin Folding Chair
White Resin
Folding Chair
Chiavari White Resin Folding Chair

How our Chiavari Chairs Stand Apart

No other company has invested as much energy and resources in creating such a high-quality chair.

Chiavari Chairs Folding diagram

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I never realized I was wasting so much money on replacing my chairs. I thought it was just they way it is. Then, I found your chairs, and I'll never go back.
Ryan G., Boca Raton, FL