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Sahara Vinyl Chiavari Chair Cushions

Sahara Vinyl is a sandy colored high-performance vinyl that has an understated texture and speckled pattern that subtly elevates the look and feel of the material. Sahara is still made with the same highly ink and stain resistant PU material as our Off White Vinyl options but has a more refined look and feel.

Our vinyl is easy to maintain because of the stain resistant and almost waterproof nature of the material. If soiled, the cushions just need to be wiped down with a soft, damp cloth.

At Vision Furniture we only use high quality vinyl that has been tested to not react with most dyes or finishes. Cheaper vinyl tends to have issues with color leaching (think, color leaching out of freshly dyed bridesmaid dresses or denim) and negative interactions with the lacquer finish on Chiavari Chairs. The Sahara Vinyl Cushion has the same structured style as our Poly-Twill Classic Chiavari Cushions but with vinyl covered Velcro straps for a more polished look. This cushion fits all VF Chiavari Chairs and many off-brand styles as well.

Vinyl Chiavari Cushions: What You Need to Know