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Vision Furniture Glass Charger Plates New Inventory!

Deck out your table with hand-painted, designer charger plates by Vision Furniture. Whether you have classic or contemporary tastes, this artistic collection of decorative glass charger plates will wow your guests and compliment your table.
Crosshatch Gold Chiavari Crosshatch Gold Charger Plates
Crosshatch Silver Chiavari Crosshatch Silver Charger Plates
Henna Gold Vision Furniture Henna Gold Charger Plates
Venetian Black Chiavari Venetian Black Charger Plates
Tuscan Sun Chiavari Tuscan Sun Charger Plates
Marquesa Gold Vision Furniture Marquesa Gold Charger Plate
Smokey Bubbles Vision Furniture Smokey Bubbles Charger Plate
Clear Bubbles Chiavari Clear Bubbles Charger Plate
Very Violet Chiavari Very Violet Charger Plate
Bel Air Chiavari Bel Air Charger Plate
Belmont Silver Vision Furniture Belmont Silver Charger Plates
Belmont Gold Vision Furniture  Belmont Gold Charger Plates
Glamour White Chiavari Glamour White Charger Plates
Starstruck Silver Chiavari Starstruck Silver Charger Plates
Venetian Pearl Chiavari  Venetian Pearl Charger Plates
Starstruck Gold Chiavari Starstruck Gold Charger Plates
Milano Gold Vision Furniture Milano Gold Charger Plates
Rodeo Drive Champagne Chiavari Rodeo Drive Champagne Charger Plates
Milano Copper Chiavari  Milano Copper Charger Plates
Moonlight Pewter Vision Furniture Moonlight Pewter Charger Plates
Glamour Black Vision Furniture Glamour Black Charger Plates