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Wholesale Chiavari Chairs

Manufacturing Wholesale Chiavari Chairs Since 2003:

Vision Furniture’s top priorities for our stackable Wholesale Chiavari Chairs are value, aesthetics and reliability. This is the essence of our Chiavari Chair manufacturing vision. We build great quality products that are not only beautiful but long lasting and a reliable investment for your business.

VF: Industry Leader for Value in Wholesale Chiavari Chairs:

Vision Furniture produces a beautiful stacking Chiavari Chair that lasts – the value in our products is revealed over time. Our chairs are durable and offer years of use. We have VF chairs in our own rental inventory that have been in rotation for 10 years and are still going strong! This longevity results in lower replacement costs, lower maintenance costs and a reduction in liability exposure. Thoughtful and deliberate design means that our Chiavari chairs are built to meet BIFMA U.S. Furniture Standards and our chairs pass all 6 BIFMA commercial furniture testing standards for safety and reliability. This means that our clients can focus on their business and spend less time, money, and energy maintaining or repairing their inventory of banquet chairs. Request a sample Wholesale Chiavari Chair today and see the VF Difference in person.

Chiavari Chairs: The VF Difference

Chiavari Chairs Vision Furniture Difference

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I purchased your 150 of your Chiavari chairs in July 2006. It's now December 2011, during that time we have had no breakage! You have a fantastic product. We are looking forward to placing a much larger order for our new project this June.
H On The Harbor, Port Washington, NY