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Chiavari Chairs Offered at Wholesale Prices Since 2003

Vision Furniture’s top priorities for our Wholesale Chiavari Chairs are value, aesthetics and reliability. This is the essence of our Chiavari Chair manufacturing vision. We build great quality products that are not only beautiful but long lasting and a reliable investment for your business.

We are Industry Leaders for High Value Commercial Chiavari Chairs

Vision Furniture produces a beautiful, stackable Chiavari Chair that is built to last. Our chairs are durable and reliable for long-term use. We have VF chairs in our own rental inventory that have been in rotation for 10 years and are still going strong! This longevity results in lower replacement costs, lower maintenance costs and a reduction in liability exposure. Thoughtful and deliberate design means that our Chiavari chairs are built to meet BIFMA U.S. Furniture Standards and our chairs pass all 6 BIFMA commercial furniture testing standards for safety and reliability. Request a sample chair today!

Click Below to learn about our VF Warranty & see why most Chiavari Chairs have NO LABELS and how this could hurt your investment.

Click Below to learn how Vision Furniture crafts wooden Chiavari Chairs & how our chairs compare to similar styles of metal Chiavari Chairs. How do metal chairs hold up against VF wood chairs in aesthetics and furniture safety testing?

Chiavari Chair Inspection Process
12-Point Quality Inspection On EVERY Chair

12-Point Quality Inspection On EVERY Chair

Many companies skip this important step to save money on labor costs but inspecting each Chiavari Chair before it leaves our warehouse is crucial to ensure that you are getting our best chairs. We put in the extra effort so the chairs we send out are safe and beautiful. Every chair is thoroughly inspected and then packaged with the proper packing materials to safeguard your chairs during shipping. This mean you get a better-quality product, thus requiring less repairs and maintenance after delivery.

 VF Chiavari Chair Glides

Chair Glides Safe for ALL Flooring

Our chair glides are durable! We use a quality plastic designed to withstand heavy daily use. The last thing you want is for the plastic to break, exposing a dangerous, sharp nail that could damage floors. Another important detail often overlooked is the ability to move the chair in and out from under the table, while sitting. Your guests' safety is very important - our glides move smoothly across a variety of floor surfaces.

Wedding Chairs for Beautiful Events

Wedding Chairs That Make You Look Good

Your events depend on beautiful, reliable décor and that's why you chose Chiavari Chairs. We hand-select quality wood which is clear from defects like cracks and worm holes. The elegance of a natural material like wood brings a warmth and sophistication to your venue.

Additionally, we have specially formulated our paints and finishes so they are consistent in color and are easy to maintain over the life of your chairs. Some companies use cheap paints which can chip and flake. We use a high-quality lacquer which chemically bonds with the previously applied layer, forming a thick, smooth and durable surface.

Chair Bolts that Won't Strip

Hex Bolts That Won’t Strip!

Many cheap Chiavari Chair manufacturers use cheap bolts made with soft metals that easily strip – leaving you unable to tighten you bolts. Proper maintenance is critical to providing safe and reliable seating for your guests. Without good bolts, you won't be able to maintain your chairs! At Vision we use high-density steel bolts that don't strip when you tighten them- so you will be able to properly maintain your chairs long-term. Learn more about maintaining your chairs.

solid wood chiavari chair

Benefits of Solid Wood Chairs

We have tested different Chiavari Chair materials including resin/steel/aluminum and have found Wood Chiavari Chairs to be far superior in many ways.

  • Natural Finishes - Resin Chiavari Chairs that are meant to look like wood only end up looking cheap. It's impossible to achieve an authentic wood look when working with metal or plastic.
  • Easy Maintenance - Because of the type of paints/finishes used on wood Chiavari Chairs, you can touch up your chairs easily. Touch up kits are available in all paint finishes.
  • Safety - Wood chairs will 'warn' you by loosening slightly prior to potentially breaking. This allows you to inspect and fix the chair by tightening the bolts or to replace the chair in advance of an accident. Both resin and metal chairs break without warning.

Reliable, Long-Term Value Chairs

Rear Chiavari Chair Hardware
Front Chiavari Chair Hardware

At Vision we not only manufacture Chiavari Chairs but we rent them in the Philadelphia region. This makes it easy to field-test our products to find out what works and what doesn't. Over the years we have found our product’s weaknesses and made modifications to continually improve quality. Our expertise means our chairs are thoughtfully designed and are built to withstand heavy use.

We take extra steps to ensure the reliability of our chairs:

  • Reinforced front legs - Keeps them Strong long-term
  • Chip-resistant leg design - Protects from Stacking Damage
  • Upgraded chair glides - Won't Damage Floors
  • High-Quality Hardware – Bolts Won’t Strip

A lot of thought has been put into our chairs over the years- and we continue to make improvements. Once you see the difference, you'll never go anywhere else! Read our Customer Testimonials.

Vision Furniture by far exceeds industry standards in regards to customer service and quality products. I’ve purchased Chiavari chairs, Chiavari bar stools and chair cushions from this company. I had a bad experience previously buying Chiavari chairs through a supply broker and when I first found Vision Furniture online I was skeptical. When I called their customer service department couldn’t have been kinder or more efficient. The sales representative I spoke to completely understood my concerns, and was more than happy to ship me a single chair to inspect for quality and durability. They made the entire process a pleasant one. I have recommended them to a few other local businesses and will continue to buy from them for years to come.
Rachel Maw | Linwoods | Owings Mills, MD