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Wood Chiavari Chair Colors, Gold, Mahogany, Champagne, Silver, Black, Fruitwood

Wood Chiavari Chairs

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Wood Chiavari Chair Colors

VF Chiavari Chairs have always been made with high quality wood ONLY. Nothing beats the warmth and elegance of a natural material like wood. Our wooden chairs are the only Chiavari Chairs that have been tested to U.S. BIFMA standards to pass all 6 of the U.S. commercial furniture standards for safety and durability. Chairs from Vision are beautiful, reliable, stackable, ship fully assembled and are a fantastic value option for long-term use in your venue, event rental business and even for extra seating in your home. Our goal at VF is to always offer you the best value Chiavari Chair for your business!

Our wooden Chiavari Chairs are available in: Gold, Silver, Champagne, Rose Gold, Mahogany, Walnut, Fruitwood, Natural, White, Ivory, Black, and Whitewash (Limewash). Custom Chiavari colors like pink, gray, blue, red and more are available with minimum order. And don’t forget, we also have Chiavari Bar Stools options that match the finish of our classic chairs.

Chiavari Chair Gold

Gold Chiavari Chair

Our Gold Chiavari Chair has a true, antique gold color. We use a higher quality gold paint which gives our chairs a brighter shine and an even tone that won't change colors over time.

Chiavari Chair Silver

Silver Chiavari Chair

Our Silver Chiavari Chair has a true, luminescent silver color. We use a higher quality silver paint which gives our chairs a brighter shine and an even tone that won't change colors over time.

Chiavari Chair Champagne

Champagne Chiavari Chair

Our Champagne Chiavari Chair is a softer, more modern gold color that is reminiscent of Platinum or a Gold-Silver hybrid. Champagne ballroom chairs are quickly becoming one of our most sought after colors due to its neutrality and subtle beauty.

Chiavari Chair Rose Gold

Rose Gold Chiavari Chair

Vision Furniture Rose Gold Chiavari Chairs bring a new element to your space. The slightly metallic Rose Gold finish feels like a fresh look at Chiavari Chairs. Classic Gold is timeless but for your brides who want something a little different, our Rose Gold Chiavari Chairs fit the bill beautifully. .

Chiavari Chair Mahogany

Mahogany Chiavari Chair

Mahogany is our most popular chair wood tone chair. Your guests and clients will enjoy the rich, warm dark-brown with slight red tones matching authentic Mahogany furniture.

Chiavari Chair Walnut

Walnut Chiavari Chair

Our Walnut Chiavari Chair is a has a beautiful and natural finish in a medium golden brown. The color is deeper and more brown than our Fruitwood Chiavari Chair but it is not as deep in color as our Mahogany Chiavari Chair.

Chiavari Chair Fruitwood

Fruitwood Chiavari Chair

Our Fruitwood Chiavari Chair is a golden honey color similar to natural cherry stain. Our clients enjoy its elegant and natural color. Fruitwood is a very light stain, compared to our Mahogany Chiavari Chairs, the darkest of our four wood finishes.

Chiavari Chair Natural

Natural Chiavari Chair

Our Natural Chiavari Chair is produced with raw Acacia wood and finished with a light color natural stain with a clear coat. It has a uniquely natural, festive look that is that perfect complement to a rustic design or less formal occastions.

Chiavari Chair White

White Chiavari Chair

Our White Chiavari Chair is crisp and refreshing. White is a perfect choice for the quintessential white wedding, island wedding, or outdoor wedding. Chiavari Chairs will make your event look fantastic.

Chiavari Chair Ivory

Ivory Chiavari Chair

Our Ivory Chiavari Chair is a beautiful alternative to standard white chiavari chairs. Our Ivory is a slightly yellow off-white color- take a look at the comparison below to see how it compares with white. Chiavari Chairs will make your event look fantastic.

Chiavari Chair Black

Black Chiavari Chair

Our Black Chiavari Chair has a glossy, dark black color. We use a higher quality black paint which gives our chairs an even and consistent tone that won't change colors over time.

Chiavari Chair Whitewash

Whitewash Chiavari Chairs

Our Whitewash Chiavari Chair has a thin, bright white coat of paint. The thin coat of paint allows the grain pattern of the wood to show throw for a charming effect.

Chiavari Chair Raw & Primed Chiavari Chair

Raw & Primed Chiavari Chair

Our Raw Chiavari Chair frame has been sanded, primed and is ready to be painted for your custom Chiavari Chair projects. This chair frame still includes chair glides and a warranty on the frame structure.

Chiavari Chair Designer Colors

Designer Chiavari Chair Colors

Now, in addition to our traditional Chiavari Chair options we also have a variety of bright and beautiful designer colors ranging from neutrals like Champagne, Copper or Whitewash to show stopping brights like Tiffany Blue, Coral and Sapphire.

Chiavari Chair Custom-Painted

Custom-Painted Chiavari Chairs

Need your Chiavari Chairs in a color we don't normally stock? We can paint chairs in any color you like from Tiffany Blue to Crimson Red, Canary Yellow to Hot Pink!

When we opened our new facility, we knew the look and feel of the Chiavari Chairs would reflect on the impression of the entire facility. We ordered sample chairs from three sources. Although the Vision chairs were a little more expensive, we liked then look, feel, and sturdiness of the Vision chairs. We could not be happier with our choice. They are sturdy, hold up well, and look great. We get compliments on the chairs on a regular basis.
Mark Moody | The Quonset | Collierville, TN